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Mine, Mine, Mine!

You know the guy I’m talking about. If you have ever driven a car in Miami, you have seen this guy repeatedly. He is swerving in and out of traffic, changing lanes without using his turn signal. On a given day, rather than wait, he will abandon the main arteries,

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What is a Diver’s Dream?

I am determined to seduce and marry Veronica Lake. Hear me out. She is beautiful, a movie star, and has a lot of money. I just know our lives together will be exquisite. Admittedly, she doesn’t know I’m alive nor is she aware of my undying passion or my plan

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My Scores Are Too Small; My Nose Is Too Big

“I just got my SATs back: 680 math which is terrible; 650 critical reading which is even worse. I just don’t see myself getting into any of the schools I’m interested in. My counselor at school says that I don’t have a chance at Brown, that there is no point

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So, It Has Come to This

Theresa ‘s 11th grade transcript was admirable: Advanced Placement courses in chemistry, American History, and English each with a grade of A. Her SATs were strong, her ACTs even stronger. Although she was uncomfortable about her extra-curriculars–endless hours volunteering as a math tutor–I was able to reassure her that even

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Match Game

I don’t want to give too many details. I’m not saying this is a good idea what I did, only that it can happen. I know it can happen and how it happened because I did it. I’m not saying that I would want anyone to follow this exact path

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The Muck Stops Here

Remember reading about those brutally mistreated Chinese girls of not so many generations ago whose feet were bound with strong straps? For reasons that may not even have been clear at the time, fathers felt that petite feet were attractive or indicative of a social class where the girls didn’t

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The Long and Winding Road

Look, nobody is saying that Dorothy had it easy. She had to go a long way round to get back to where she belonged, right? Munchkins, poppies, green horses, were just the beginning. Then that annoying scarecrow telling her to go “both ways”? And don’t even get me started about

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The University of Pennsylvania accepted 3551 students this year out of 35,788 applicants. The ratio, of about 9.9%, is simple to explain arithmetically-one kid in ten got admitted-harder to process emotionally if you are one of the nine who was not. If your family member got the “we’re sorry; there

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Sex Ed, Advice, Schnauzers

In a sex ed class some 40 years ago, a student whom I did not know well asked a question about reproductive biology. His inquiry, something specific about condoms as I recall, impressed me as highly theoretical at the time. It is certainly possible that he was honestly requesting information

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