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Imagine a stress-free process of choosing and applying to college.

Envision entrusting the process to an advocate for your child’s unique strengths.

Imagine not being responsible for deadlines, essay editing, or worry.

Visualize having access to evolving trends in the changing landscape of college admissions.

Picture having your child end up at the right college seamlessly and without anxiety or misinformation.

How David helps students

College Admissions

Choosing and applying to college is frequently stressful and unpleasant. The transition to college should be based on insight and self-discovery rather than rankings and status. To lessen concerns and dispel misconceptions, call for a relaxing consultation.

Boarding Schools

Boarding school options range from highly academic, traditional schools to nurturing campuses catering to students who learn differently or who need structure and support to succeed.

David Altshuler

David has toured hundreds of colleges, traditional boarding schools, and therapeutic programs. He has written books on admissions and parenting. His 700 articles on parenting, college admissions, and children who learn differently are available here.

Jolie Altshuler


Jolie has spent the last 15 years tutoring AP American History, First Year English and other humanities courses. She has guided Ph.D., MD, Fullbright scholars, and undergraduates from around the world. Her gentle encouragement, editing skill, and enthusiasm are invaluable to all types of learners.


Since 2010, Jolie and David have worked collaboratively to provide support for students. Together, the Altshulers are a knowledgeable, compassionate, and rigorous team who make all aspects of the application process comfortable, transparent and free from misconceptions.

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