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Category: Substance Use Disorder

Zen Screed

A handful of sand in a pile. Remove one grain of sand. The pile remains. Remove another grain. There is still a pile of sand. Remove another grain and another and another. At some point, there are a few grains of sand. When did the pile of sand become only

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Write All Your College Essays in One Day!

Forty pounds overweight, mildly depressed and majorly dissatisfied, I decided to make some significant changes. I joined a gym and worked out for an hour. But when I got back on the scale, I hadn’t lost any weight. Still depressed, I made an appointment with a therapist. But she spent

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Sober Labrador Triathlons

When Thurber, my yellow Labrador, was a puppy, my first responsibility was to teach him not to go to the bathroom in the house. I had a simple idea: wear him out. We went out to the backyard and ran sprints; we went for a run in the neighborhood; we

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