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Category: Substance Use Disorder

How the Story Changes

FALSTAFF I have peppered two of them; two I am sure I have paid, two rogues in buckram suits. I tell thee what, Hal, if I tell thee a lie, spit in my face, Four rogues in buckram let drive at me– PRINCE HENRY What, four? thou saidst but two

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If you are a Lucky Charms aficionado, what would it take to convince you to switch to Captain Crunch? Not just tomorrow morning but every day this week? Think you can get by without your favorite sugary cereal? Think you could live with Captain Crunch after years of Lucky Charms?

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The Mentality of the Old Country

I could not be more proud of my student, Robbie. From 15 years of age until his 20th birthday, Robbie smoked pot daily, stole from his parents, and lied every time he opened his mouth. In college, his major was being a general pain in the ass. He refused to

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Wanna Bet?

Which of the following responses seems more likely? 1) “OK, mom. I’ll turn off ‘Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Blood, Blood, Blood, Kill, Kill, Kill.’ Gosh, have I been playing for 20 minutes already? I want to practice my bassoon then I want to get ahead on my school work for next

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Where are the Sober Kids?

“Kayla” could hardly be described as a “bad” kid. Yes, she has shown poor judgment on a number of recent occasions. Yes, she skipped school and brought five of her friends home to drink beer in the middle of the day. Yes, her grades are below her ability and her

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Zen Screed

A handful of sand in a pile. Remove one grain of sand. The pile remains. Remove another grain. There is still a pile of sand. Remove another grain and another and another. At some point, there are a few grains of sand. When did the pile of sand become only

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Write All Your College Essays in One Day!

Forty pounds overweight, mildly depressed and majorly dissatisfied, I decided to make some significant changes. I joined a gym and worked out for an hour. But when I got back on the scale, I hadn’t lost any weight. Still depressed, I made an appointment with a therapist. But she spent

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Sober Labrador Triathlons

When Thurber, my yellow Labrador, was a puppy, my first responsibility was to teach him not to go to the bathroom in the house. I had a simple idea: wear him out. We went out to the backyard and ran sprints; we went for a run in the neighborhood; we

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