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I Just Don’t Understand Why We Have an Issue with Kids and Drugs in this Country…

The other evening, my older son sliced open the side of his finger. We took a pleasant drive over to the Emergency Room at ten o’clock and by five the next morning, he was sewn up as good as new. The doctor was thoughtful and competent–it turned out our kids had gone to school together–and,…Read the full article

What’s the Difference?

Javier’s and Alejandro’s parents could have been in the same Lamaze class. Born days apart but in the same hospital in 1987, the lives of the children had followed almost identical courses: learning differences and attentional issues that turned into trouble in school, evaluations that turned up no psychopathology, just the high verbal IQ and…Read the full article

I’ll Bet You Can’t Smoke Just One

Until recently–on an evolutionary time scale–pretty much everyone was starving. Always. Until the last century, there was no refrigeration. There was no transportation either. You want an orange in the winter? Bit of a problem, that. No idea can travel faster than the fastest horse. No produce moves very far either. If you can’t walk…Read the full article