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Category: Troubled Teens

Fault Lines

Blaming gives me great comfort. If Mickey Owen hadn’t dropped the third strike in the fourth game of the 1941 World Series… If I had bought AOL in 1992… If I had sold AOL in 2000… If Lee Harvey Oswald hadn’t shot JFK in 1963… And those Hatfields and McCoys.

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

I’m at my wit’s end about my son. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it’s gotten. He’s 17 now, but I’ve been having trouble with Andres since the day he turned two years old. He just won’t do anything I tell him, even the simplest little suggestions,

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Computer Games

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” — Hunter S. Thompson Children should be allowed to play computer games as often as they are allowed to use morphine—when they are in the hospital and in pain. After an appendectomy, both

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