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Here’s a riddle you may enjoy: What do Winnie the Pooh and Atilla the Hun have in common? Of course, the answer will be supplied next week–unless a gentle reader posts a reply in the comments section on the website. In the meantime, the following hint–from Groucho Marx–may be of help: “A child of five…Read the full article

Bear With Me

Better writers than I have tried to describe that truly torrential, bone drenching, incessant rain storm where the water comes down in sheets, shows no signs of abating, and has soaked you through the skin going back generations. Not seeing any of these writers at a campsite on top of Stone Mountain in North Georgia,…Read the full article

Reading Fried Chicken

Everyone wants to eat in a health food restaurant, right? Because it’s healthy. You can’t spell “Health Food Restaurant” without the word “Healthy” and it says “Health Food Restaurant” in big letters right there over the door. The menu is replete with healthy choices–low carb, no sugar, gluten free, and whole grains. Vegetables abound. Eating…Read the full article

Can You Shut Up?

“Can you shut up?” doesn’t actually mean “Can you shut up?” “Can you shut up?” means “Will you shut up?” Because presumably, the speaker is physiologically capable of shutting up–unless there is some new disease (foot in mouth”?)–of which I am unaware. The question is whether or not the speaker will stop talking. Just as…Read the full article

Resiliency is a B’ar

My family and I were at a restaurant recently where we observed a nine year-old at dinner with his family. The young man was intensely connected to his screen, suckling greedily on his video game. Both hands were cemented to the keyboard; his headphones were successfully obliterating any stimulus not generated by his hand held….Read the full article

It’s the Anxiety, Stupid

Not so many generations ago, fiddlers in particular and musicians in general, were considered to be time wasters of the worst sort. Idle hands were the devil’s playthings; those hands on musical instruments were the least productive. Music was considered the “gateway drug” to alcohol, dissolution and shame. Today, frantic parents go to war with…Read the full article

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I felt strongly about a recent election. In my judgment, Candidate A* was the better man. Candidate B had his good points, certainly, but Candidate A had my unqualified support. I was so thoroughly convinced that Candidate A would be a more effective leader that I went downtown to his campaign headquarters to make a…Read the full article