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Sun Rise

“Yesterday, I saw the sun rise and the sun set from the same chair.” As the risk of missing the point, I replied, “Must be quite a chair.” “Yeah well, everybody studies hard,” Chad went on. “It’s not competitive necessarily. It’s just that the tests are fairly thorough.” “Thorough,” I thought. “So that’s what they’re…Read the full article


There may be some child somewhere for whom higher SAT scores will be important in the college admissions process. For your child, the chances are that higher SAT scores won’t matter at all in determining where she is admitted. Bold statements, I know. But after 30-something years of counseling students and their families about choosing…Read the full article


A buddy of mine is a world class distance runner. If I mentioned some of his accomplishments–running across Costa Rica, for example–you would just shake your head in wonder. He is a complete and utter beast. Never having run more than 50 miles in a day myself, I’m in awe of someone who disdains an…Read the full article

The Idiot-athon

Of all the gloriously exuberant excesses of the “Idiot-athon”, surely the shuttle run was the silliest and the most fun. After running 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards out picking up and putting down blocks of wood, competitors were required to remove a plastic bone-the femur if memory serves-in the game of “Operation.” Touching…Read the full article


Before Matthew Broderick was Ferris Bueller and Ally Sheedy was the weird girl in “Breakfast Club,” the kids starred in “War Games,” an uplifting film about global thermonuclear war and the end of all life on the planet, that sort of thing. Spoiler alert: the world does not come to a fiery end in the…Read the full article

Best Game

When you are scheduled to meet a client, you take a shower and make sure your shirt is ironed. When both you and the client speak at once, you make sure you are the one to say, “I beg your pardon; go ahead” or “I’m sorry to interrupt. What were you saying?” You’re not being…Read the full article