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There’s this guy at the gym always giving advice. “Keep your back straight,” “you’re lifting too much weight,” “keep your arms parallel to the floor.” Without introduction, without invitation, he has guidance for newbies and veterans alike. Is he willing do demonstrate a technique? You betcha. Does he have some suggestions for any and every…Read the full article


I’m fine. It turns out there is nothing wrong with my heart. Indeed, thanks to the excellent health care that my privilege provides, I know for a fact that my heart is in good shape. I have unfettered access to an awesome doctor. I can call Robbie on a Sunday afternoon to discuss a health…Read the full article


Let’s consider a select half dozen of the fifty greatest movie quotes of all time. 1. Jimmy Cagney in White Heat, 1949: “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” A gangster’s fury has led him to his last stand by an enormous vat of flammable liquid. He is hopelessly outnumbered by law enforcement. In the…Read the full article

Barriers to Service

Hoping to consult about a mutual client, I called the office manager of the psychiatrist. “Thank you for taking my call,” I began. “My name is David Altshuler. Dr. Schmeckleferritz and I have a patient in common. When might it be convenient for the doctor and me to consult?” “Dr. Schmeckleferritz is out of the…Read the full article

Safety First

Maria Montessori’s “follow the child” precept was especially cogent when parents knew where the child could reasonably be expected to be. Physically and intellectually, the world was a known, if not perfectly safe place. Parents staggered after toddlers as they waddled. If kids fell backwards on their padded bottoms, we were there to assess. No…Read the full article

Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter”Fernando’s insight’s into ‘Miranda vs Arizona’ were the most mature of any term paper I have had the pleasure to read in my 35 years of teaching at St. Harvey’s. In addition to displaying a complete command of the subject matter, Fernando went above and beyond, researching primary sources. It is my understanding that…Read the full article

It’s Electric

Invariably, there’s a question before the question. “Should I monitor my daughter’s electronic communication?” is usually preceded by, “Do I have reason to be concerned?” If you have no reason to question your adolescent daughter’s whereabouts, friends, safety, or choices, then you’re not going to monitor her electronic communication. Why would you? You don’t need…Read the full article

Paying for College

Wealthy parents in Chicago are transferring legal guardianship of their children so that the family will pay less for college. Need based aid is based on income. Families with more assets and higher incomes qualify for less financial aid. If the Opulofskies have a combined income of $500K/year and have paid off their million dollar…Read the full article


One of my old students is preparing for an exam. Apparently the results will determine where she gets to practice medicine or what kind of medicine she gets to practice or something else of consequence. It’s not clear to me. Honestly, I no longer understand a word this woman says. When she talks about this…Read the full article

No Agenda

“Do people have a tendency to dump on you?” asked Paul Simon in 1966. I would answer in the affirmative in that just this morning I was subjected to a lengthy insight into a neighbor’s digestive health. Did I begin the conversation by inquiring about his recent medical procedure? I did not. Indeed, the words,…Read the full article