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More College Admissions Scams

Sometimes the hucksters are so mind-numbingly feckless that they contradict themselves in the same paragraph of their hard sell, sales piece. Imagine if someone communicated both of the following statements: “I’m mailing your check today” AND “I’m 200 fathoms deep in a nuclear submarine off the coast of Komsolsky.” “How’s the mail delivery in the…Read the full article

Oh, You Shouldn’t Have.

No list of “The Greatest Movies of All Time” is complete without including Orson Wells’s 1940 tour de force, “Citizen Kane.” The following dialog seems to predict conversations in my office 71 years after the film was produced: KANE As far as you’re concerned, Susan, I’ve never wanted anything – I don’t want anything now…Read the full article

The Gifts We Have

Does your daughter know how to change the oil in her car? Does your son know how to speak another language? We spend time focusing on the academic profiles of our kids. My daughter has an ‘A’ in Algebra II; my son is in the top ten percent of his class. But can your son…Read the full article