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Gone Fishin’

Discounting the disconcerting possibility of being eaten by a bear, I am practicing what I preach this week and tromping around the great outdoors with one of my adult children. Said child pointed out, “Dad. Nobody on his death bed every said, ‘I wish I had spent less time in Yellowstone.'”

As you read this, therefore, he and I are galumphing up a mountain trail only to discover that there is nothing other than more woods up this way and that the sooner we sit down and eat all these sandwiches, the less weight we will have to carry on the walk back down.

Long story short: I look forward to next Tuesday and our continued conversation about how to raise healthy children in this unhealthy world. In the meantime, remember that I am grateful to you for taking the time to read these musings. Absent my son and I being devoured by a disgruntled Ursus actos, we’ll connect again in a week.



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