Traditional Boarding Schools

Web3 Having visited a range of boarding schools across the country, David is uniquely qualified to make recommendations for a variety of students. Traditional boarding school options range from schools with highly academic, intensely rigorous academic curriculum to warm, nurturing schools catering to students who learn differently or may need structure and support to be successful. Traditional boarding schools frequently feature smaller classes and many have facilities that are superior to those of local options. Traditional boarding schools pride themselves on the number of their students who are admitted to top tier colleges and universities.

Students choose boarding schools for many good reasons: some are looking for broader curricular options, a greater variety of courses; some want a wider variety of extra-curriculars, sports or activities that aren't available locally; some students benefit from structure and IMG_0628supervision and from the interaction with caring faculty mentors; some students like the idea of a close knit group of friends with whom they share interests and passions. Whatever the reason, the choice of the appropriate boarding school from amidst the many options is an important one. A competent, ethical educational consultant--in addition to recommending schools that are a good match--can make the application process more pleasant.

In visiting boarding schools across the country over the years, David has spoken to admissions directors, heads of schools, teachers, coaches and students. After meeting with your son or daughter and analyzing transcripts, learning about the student's passions, strengths, interests and learning style, and talking with parents, he can help with choosing and applying to boarding schools. Most importantly, David knows the truth about admission to boarding school--which schools are most competitive, which schools will consider an application after the admissions deadlines have passed. In short, he can help your family pick the most appropriate school for your student--at the most competitive, most unconventional, most nurturing, most art focused or most athletic school in the country.