Therapeutic Boarding Schools Testimonials

How does one start a letter to thank a person for saving his son's life? It is funny how God places people in your life. My son had a serious drug problem. So, under your guidance I sent him last year to the wilderness program and then to the "Over 18" program you recommended. I want you to know that he has had a miraculous recovery and is presently employed and living on his own, clean and sober. Thanks to your selfless act I now have a son again. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for C___ and our family. I am forever in your debt. Knowing how you are, I know this story would go untold, so I hope you will frame and display this thank you note. Every day we toil and wonder if our work is meaningful. I have to say that what you do changes a person's life dramatically. My son and my life are proof of that. Keep up the excellent work and know you may use me as a reference any time. May God bless you.

Father of C___, San Diego, California.
Therapeutic Boarding Schools August 27, 2015

I am truly grateful for your knowledge and experience of placing children in schools of appropriate needs. I could not be more happy with the placement of C___. Her maturity, emotional growth, and academics exceed what my expectations allowed. Having C___ involved in the decision making of placement was truly an important factor. C___ is a happy person now and is doing quite well. Thank you, David

Mother of C____, St. Augustine, Florida.
August 27, 2015

Nearly one year ago, we had a 16 year-old in major crisis. He was struggling to fit into a high school that was supposed to be "the best," keeping in his insecurities, anxieties, and far from reaching his potential. In a deep depression, he withdrew from his family and friends, refused to go back to school, and came very close to hurting himself. A misguided therapist only made matters worse. Then, a new physician, referred us to David. He welcomed us into his home at dinner time on a Friday night, I thought because he heard the desperation in our message. After that first visit, however, we learned that this is David--warm, compassionate, and understanding. David not only took his time to get to know our son, but the whole family dynamics. He was able to reach out and guide our son to the conclusion that leaving home was not the answer, and supported him as he transitioned into the right school for him, right in town.

Mother of G___, Miami , FL
August 27, 2015

We take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and extraordinary attention you have given our family. We met when we were at our wit's end trying to find the best educational solution for our son, T___. From the moment we met through to where we are today, you have been a professional, thorough, nurturing, kind and compassionate advisor.

We would not be where we are today with our children if it were not for you and your work. We could not have navigated the world of educational options that are out there without you. You combine experience and wisdom with instinct and compassion and we all feel we are in excellent hands. And of course you have been absolutely on target with all of your recommendations.

Beyond the expertise that you bring, you have an even more profound quality: the way in which you connect with you real clients, the children. You non-judgmental and down to earth style mixed with a little tough love gives the kids the objectivity they need. Part coach, part counselor, part teacher, the children respond well to your approach and appreciate taking an active part in the decision making process.

There are few things more daunting than the education of our children. Working with you we have a partner who recognizes the emotions but stays practical and focused on offering solutions tailored to fit the unique qualities of our children. To know we have a professional of your caliber and integrity guiding us through both college and high school admissions processes is about as good as it gets.

Thank you from all of us, for everything you have done and are doing for our family. It is a privilege to know you and we wish you continued success with all of your students.

Mother of T___ and S___, Miami, Florida.
August 27, 2015

David Altshuler provided wisdom and a wealth of experience as my husband and I considered an emotional growth boarding school for our child. David helped make sense out of a time when we were faced with the most difficult decision of out lives thus far. Without his direction and encouragement we might never have made the choice to get the help that has given us our daughter back. Thanks to David, we are a stronger family now more than ever.

Mother of M___, Miami, Florida.
August 27, 2015

I write this for all parents out there to know where and who to go to in times of special needs. My son was a struggling adolescent with learning disabilities and suffering from an awful divorce. Emotionally, he was a sad boy and had many issues. Mr. David Altshuler could not have been any more patient with our family. David was precise in his assessment of my son's issues and bravely determined to help at all costs. He tolerated an awful lot of drama so professionally.

We went from college counseling to a horrifying path of uncovering substance abuse and what to do about it. I was never going to give up on my child and Mr. Altshuler didn't either. He worked swiftly and we got my son to a great program that he thrived at. He says thanks a million mom every time we speak.

I truly believe because I saw it with my own two eyes that David's expertise goes beyond his profession and his character is honest and brave. He did what it took to save my son and supported us all the way!

I feel he saved my boy! I cry as I write this because it is so hard to think of how my child could have ended up hurting himself! I now have a respectful young man who is 18 and voluntarily completing his program. He thanks me constantly and apologizes for what I went through.

Mr. Altshuler has seen it all but I think dealing with my son and his family must have been a giant burden, time consuming and overwhelming.

I thank Mr. Altshuler from the bottom of my heart and my son would be glad to speak with you or your children if they have concerns. My God bless Mr. Altshuler and his family. He is a true hero and we will be grateful for his knowledge, heart and patience for the rest of our lives.

Please take this bit of advice. Don't wait. Move when he tells you to move! He will steer you in the right direction no matter what placement you seek. By the way, I did interview others before going straight to David. Don't waste your time.

From the most grateful mother in the world,

Kim , Mother of G____, Miami, Florida.
August 27, 2015