Here are a few books, websites, and people that I recommend. For College Admissions: Love the Kid You Get. Get the Kid You Love, by David Altshuler Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know about Getting Into College, by Sally Springer, Jon Reider, and Joyce Morgan Colleges that Change Lives, by Loren Pope. The 2015 edition of the Fiske Guide to Colleges For Financial Aid: Don't Miss Out: The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid, by Anna & Robert Leider. For Emotional/Behavioral Special Needs: Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-Deception, by Abraham J. Twerski What Now? How Teen Therapeutic Programs Could Save Your Troubled Child, by Dr. Paul Case For Students with Learning Differences: The Myth of Laziness, by Mel Levine, M.D. Lost at School, by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. For Parenting: Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World, by David Altshuler Unconditional Parenting, by Alfie Kohn The Shelter of Each Other, by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.