College Admissions Testimonials

David Altshuler devotes and extraordinary amount of time to making sure that the student and parents together look at all aspects of the college selection and admission process, so the student and the parents make a highly informed decision. David is very interested in providing a quality service, and David is the epitome of the consummate professional in the admission process. I believe that his service has been immensely valuable to my daughter as she went though the very stressful college admission process.

I wanted to send my profound thanks for helping my family find what I believe is a perfect fit for our daughter. She said that you told her you thought that would be her choice. I am so grateful for your guidance. I can't imagine how we would have done it without you. Certainly, we could not have achieved such a great result, and with no nagging from her father or me. What a huge plus!

You took a huge responsibility and concern off my shoulders as I truly did not have the background or knowledge to guide Charles through the process of college selection. Your method of evaluating a student's realistic potential for college and taking the time to understand and know the person you are guiding is not only a compassionate but insightful and I believe enhances the possibility of a student having a successful and enjoyable college experience.

Your information provided for us the exact information we were seeking. Your kindness and patience helped guide and direct us.

I recommend David Altshuler without reservation. He understands parents and students. He has an uncanny knack for jollying everyone past the pushes and pulls encountered during this important passage from teenager to young adult. He helped me, he guided me, he chided me to see the uniqueness of each of my very different children. Each made my very happy as they found their own path to academic success and personal growth. I hold David personally responsible for the many thousands of dollars we have happily paid for higher education of our children.

You're perfect.

David is a true gem. He made the process of finding the right school for our daughter Emily worry free. He worked directly with Emily and made her feel like she was the one driving the decision, not us. It's not always easy for parents to take a back seat and let David work his magic with the student. We will forever be grateful to him for his calm and wise guidance.

David Altshuler motivated my son early in his high school career to "take ownership" of the process of finding the college right for him. Working with our family, and understanding my son's talents, interests, and needs, David was able to direct us in finding the perfect match. As a result the transition to college life has been made much easier for all of us.

David's enthusiasm for getting to know his clients and finding the right match for college is unequaled by anyone. He devoted many hours to understand the personality of my child before suggesting any school for the family to look at. Throughout the whole process, Elizabeth was the main focus of discussion and anything she said was listened to. When it came time to choose a college, David helped Elizabeth verbalize her thoughts and concerns and choose a school that is helping her grow into a wonderful adult.

After taking our high school daughter to see at least a dozen colleges, she was more confused than ever as to where to apply. She had visited schools of varying sizes and locations and had ruled out everything she'd seen. We knew we needed a new set of criteria but we didn't know how to begin. We decided to seek the help of David Altshuler, based on a recommendation of a friend. David helped our daughter narrow down her focus in locating schools which would meet her needs. The best part, however, was having David pester her about her essays and application details, rather than us. She met all the deadlines and achieved a successful early admission. Thank you, David!

We found the college services valuable. We were especially impressed with Mr. Altshuler's knowledge of the admissions process and his guidance on writing college essays was particularly outstanding.

There is nothing we can suggest for you to improve your services as we find you anticipate all of our needs and questions. Frankly I do not know how parents do it without a 'David' in their life. You have been not only a clear guidance but a source of strength as well.

All three of our children went to David for help and advice with the college admissions process. David made it exciting for them and it was one of their many extra night time meetings they actually looked forward to attending. We have three very different children and David was able to connect with each one. Many thanks and we recommend David to our friends and family.

I always assumed the job of a college adviser was to help students finesse their way into the most prestigious colleges and universities. David Altshuler is qualified to do that. But he is equally adept at matching students with less conventional learning communities when that seems appropriate. My son came to David with mixed feelings about finishing high school. By asking questions and listening carefully to my son's concerns, David helped him explore a wide range of options. By the fall of his senior year, my son felt confident about his own decision to apply to college. David followed through by breaking the application process into manageable components. By the time he had an acceptance in hand, my son felt more, rather than less, independent for having made use of David's services.

David provided my oldest daughter with experienced and knowledgeable counsel on how best to navigate the college admission process. It gave us all great comfort to know that we were not letting potentially important things "slip through the cracks" simply because we did not know any better. Over a period of about a year and a half, David provided guidance and encouragement whenever we sought it on both the college application and selection process. Ultimately, we were all pleased that my daughter received offers from several great universities, and I look forward to working with David again -- we have 5 more kids to go!

The most important service you provided for our family was the ability to have a real discussion about college. Prior to contracting with you, our son didn't want to take the time to talk to us about what he thought he wanted from a college experience. You not only enabled the conversation, but motivated him to continually move through the selection and application process. While I'm sure that we--eventually--would have been able to do it without you, the process would have been much more painful and the outcome (perhaps) not as favorable. Thanks.

We have known David Altshuler for over 30 years and have always held him in the highest regard. When we needed his professional services, we didn't waver for a moment to put ourselves in his capable hands. Here's what happened: we started the process as a family in question and we ended it as happy campers. We wouldn't necessarily have more kids for the sole purpose of sending them to David, but we won't hesitate to send our younger son to him or to recommend David to anyone who wants to give their child a terrific gift.

Your information provided for us the exact information we were seeking. Your kindness and patience helped guide and direct us.

We wanted to thank you very much for all the help and support you offered us during Ricky's college admissions process. You reassured him with the essay, knowing when to tell him he was done! Your rapport with our son, your skills and your assessment were outstanding. Ricky always felt very comfortable working with you and felt motivated throughout the whole process. You worked patiently with him to select a range of schools that were safe yet attractive. You also helped him carefully pick reach schools according to his interests and inclinations. Our son was accepted at many of his reaches, making it a very successful experience. It was important to know that he was incapable and professional hands to help him make such an important decision.

A perfect mixture of expertise, humor and wisdom to lead the most confused through the 'adventure' of the college pursuit, making the process almost sane. Great results and a lot of fun.

Peter is doing great and loves college! On a scale of one to ten, you're a 15!