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Mastodons, Math, Running in the Rain, and Addiction

Consider Mr. Atrobus versus a mastodon. Atrobus is hungry. But the mastodon does not fancy appearing on anyone’s luncheon menu. One on one, the smart money is on Proboscidea. Because soaking wet, Atrobus tips the scales at something south of 200 pounds, about 10,000 pounds short of your recalcitrant mastodon. Ten millennia later when scales…Read the full article

You Can Do It!

If my gracious readers can accept yet another marathon analogy, I respectfully ask them to plod through the initial sentences of this post; I promise to make a point about your children and your children’s education. Eventually. First though, join me for a thought experiment regarding that deep-seated, enduring foolishness that occurs at Mile 20…Read the full article

Helpful Running

As dedicated readers of these Tuesday newsletters are endlessly aware, I have been running with the same group of balding, paunchy, sweaty, middle-aged folks for a number of decades now. Older, slower, stiffer though we may be, our group has survived the disruption of hurricanes, the ravages of divorce, and half a dozen presidential campaigns….Read the full article

Running On

Okay, so I had a little come apart in the Miami marathon in February. Stuff happens. And maybe I should have known better. In retrospect, I guess the clues were fairly abundant. The pasty-looking guy sprawled on the asphalt at Mile 11 might have said something had he not been surrounded by paramedics. Had he…Read the full article

Run, David, Run

Just as Sauron’s ring makes the wearer power mad, running marathons tends to make narcissists of us all. At the risk of using too many first person pronouns, I am going to allude in my column this week to the 15 times I have failed to qualify to run the Boston Marathon. Or as Thomas…Read the full article

There are Worse Things than A Wrong Number at Three O’Clock in the Morning

It’s hard to imagine how he did it, but in order to avoid burdening his family with difficult end of life decisions that would have ensued from his prolonged illness, my good friend Dan Scharfman died last night. As his undergraduate room mate and friend of 35 years put it, “A gentleman to the end.”…Read the full article