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Bed Dog

Even the most cursory reader of these Tuesday musings will admit that this author does not shy away from even the most controversial topics: Should parents do homework for their children? Should parents smoke marijuana with their children? Should parents work nine days a week and pay someone else to raise their children? Should parents…Read the full article

Fight! Fight! Fight?

Pretty much nobody gets enthusiastic about receiving the monthly electric bill. But pretty much nobody becomes apoplectic, tearing their hair, writing letters, disputing the charges, or refusing to pay either. The monthly bill from the electric company is an annoyance. “Maybe the fridge is too cold” is about as involved as any centered human is…Read the full article

Write On!

I have written 350 of these essays. If the crik don’t rise, I intend to write 350 more. If you have been gracious enough to read a few of these blogs, you are entitled to ask why. Why do spend three hours one early morning each week forcing these electrons into paragraphs? Why not just…Read the full article


Screaming at my daughter like a psychotic lunatic the other day, I took a step back to reflect on what it is that I do for a living. The short version of my job description might include the phrase “discouraging parents from screaming at their daughters like psychotic lunatics.” The irony of the situation was…Read the full article

Stealing Home

I don’t mean to creep you out but someone is stalking you. This particular someone is watching your every move, listening to every word you say, studying your facial expressions, thinking about how you respond to every situation. There is no place you can hide, nothing you can do to disguise your intentions. Your thoughts,…Read the full article

Running Together

At dinner before a recent event, I asked one of my buddies about his goals for the next morning. “What is your plan? What will be your time per mile for the first five miles? How many minutes will you have in the bank for the inevitable slow down at mile 20? What do you…Read the full article


Isn’t insanity also defined as the differential between what you think you are able to do and what you actually are able to accomplish? People make fun of adolescences in this regard. Magical thinking is the phrase used for teenagers who think they are smarter, stronger, faster that the stopwatch suggests. “I can stay up until two…Read the full article


There’s always hope. Nah. Not really. Not always. At a recent meeting of pre-meds at a university whose name you would recognize, the panel of actual medical students and genuine doctors gave advice to the aspiring (“slathering” has such unfortunate connotations) physicians. Phrases were bandied about like Frisbees at a windy rock concert: “minimum of…Read the full article