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Wait For It

Wait For It My buddy Sharfman could run 20 miles the way most people open their refrigerators, effortlessly and without talking about it a whole bunch. Scharfman and I ran an ultra marathon together in Connecticut. Thirty miles in, he asked me how I was doing. “I could use a little lie down,” I replied,…Read the full article

Horse Sense

I admit it: I do not know one end of a horse from another. I am a city boy. Maybe that’s why I like camping so much. Horseless camping, mind you. Recently, I got up on a horse for the first time. Here are my observations: 1) While I suppose being on top of a…Read the full article

Clothes the File

Once upon a time there lived a vain parent whose only worry in life was to convince her neighbors how clever her son was. Every hour she would regale anyone who would listen regarding her son’s accomplishments in the classroom and on the athletic field. Word of this parent’s vanity spread throughout the community and…Read the full article

Goes without Saying

The Sami People of Northern Norway have hundreds of distinct words for reindeer. These words can refer to a reindeer’s fitness, personality, or the shape of its antlers according to David Robson. (Click here for the original article.) People who live where reindeer are important have lots of words for reindeer. Makes sense to me….Read the full article


Mom: Have you graded the home works yet? Teacher at School Whose Name you Would Likely Recognize: The homework that was turned in today? Mom: Yes. The homework on two-digit subtraction. Problem number seven was 83-29. Have you graded it yet? Teacher at School Whose Name you Would Likely Recognize: No, the children turned in…Read the full article

Wants Versus Needs

You might not think so, but babies have a job. A baby’s job is to communicate her every want and need. As a parent, you have a job too. Your job is to fulfill every one of your baby’s wants and needs. That’s it. We’re done here. Thanks for reading. Not much else going on…Read the full article

Bed Dog

Even the most cursory reader of these Tuesday musings will admit that this author does not shy away from even the most controversial topics: Should parents do homework for their children? Should parents smoke marijuana with their children? Should parents work nine days a week and pay someone else to raise their children? Should parents…Read the full article

Fight! Fight! Fight?

Pretty much nobody gets enthusiastic about receiving the monthly electric bill. But pretty much nobody becomes apoplectic, tearing their hair, writing letters, disputing the charges, or refusing to pay either. The monthly bill from the electric company is an annoyance. “Maybe the fridge is too cold” is about as involved as any centered human is…Read the full article

Write On!

I have written 350 of these essays. If the crik don’t rise, I intend to write 350 more. If you have been gracious enough to read a few of these blogs, you are entitled to ask why. Why do spend three hours one early morning each week forcing these electrons into paragraphs? Why not just…Read the full article