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Before Matthew Broderick was Ferris Bueller and Ally Sheedy was the weird girl in “Breakfast Club,” the kids starred in “War Games,” an uplifting film about global thermonuclear war and the end of all life on the planet, that sort of thing. Spoiler alert: the world does not come to a fiery end in the…Read the full article

Teachable Decade

Dumb questions used to make me want to climb up a tower and hurl dry erase markers at random folks walking below. “I. Just. Went. Over. That.” I would sputter through clenched teeth. “Cosecant is the reciprocal of sine; cosecant is not a punk rock group.” Remember the man teaching the horse to eat less…Read the full article

Shh! I’m Hunting Wabbits.

Scholars disagree about the number of books in the Library at Alexandria when it was destroyed some 2300 years ago last Thursday. Estimates range from 40,000 to 400,000 volumes. Even using the larger guess, an approximation of the sum total of accrued information available to the most learned academicians of antiquity is equivalent to the…Read the full article

The Child You Want

A buddy of mine turned 50 the other day. On an early morning run, he whined yet again about how he hasn’t met anyone who meets his criteria for an amorous association. “Of course she should be bright and funny, but she should also be physically attractive and enjoy old horror movies, right?” A group…Read the full article

Attitude of Gratitude

Competent, ethical college admissions counselors wear any number of hats including but not limited to the following: Coach Chapeau: “C’mon, you! Three more essays! You can DO this! Let’s go!” Mortician Millinery: “I’m sorry your dream of attending North Cornstalk State has passed away…” Balloon Popper Bowler: “No, that your mother’s cousin’s ex-wife’s neighbor’s father-in-law…Read the full article


A buddy of mine is extraordinary successful. He lectures for a living, has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN and countless other national media outlets. He has published more books than I’ve had hot meals and still finds time to run his training miles every week. Alan joins our running group whenever he’s in town, so…Read the full article

2 Good 2 Be True

If something sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because its selling some bogus educational product to your children.   Just this morning I got a call from a thoroughly breathless woman who assured me that all the students who take her company’s test prep class improve their SAT scores by 350 points. “Imagine…Read the full article

Rich and Famous

The year after Kathy retired following three decades of teaching English at the university, she published her fifth novel and ran her tenth marathon. She celebrated the birth of her second grandchild and paid off her mortgage. One early morning as we plodded toward Matheson Hammock to watch the sun rise, she reflected on how…Read the full article