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Wanna Bet?

Which of the following responses seems more likely? 1) “OK, mom. I’ll turn off ‘Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Blood, Blood, Blood, Kill, Kill, Kill.’ Gosh, have I been playing for 20 minutes already? I want to practice my bassoon then I want to get ahead on my school work for next

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Wake up! It’s Time for Your Sleeping Pill!

Sam and Susie meet every day at noon at their brightly lit, air conditioned gym. While walking on adjacent treadmills, they pass a bottle of designer water back and forth, chatting amicably about their families or events of the day. Sometimes they’ll watch a favorite show on one of the

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Advice Needed

A father and his son are preparing in the pre-dawn hours to travel to the market town, a full day’s journey away through neighboring villages, across rolling hills and valleys. As the father finishes loading their donkey with the provisions needed for the day, he tells his son to get

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Where are the Sober Kids?

“Kayla” could hardly be described as a “bad” kid. Yes, she has shown poor judgment on a number of recent occasions. Yes, she skipped school and brought five of her friends home to drink beer in the middle of the day. Yes, her grades are below her ability and her

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The Ballad of John and Yoko

My buddy, Pete, can play any song he’s ever heard. We call him the human juke box. From “Little Old Lady from Passadena” to “Lady Madonna,” from “Maybelline” to “Layla,” he knows them all. And not just 60s songs either. He knows every jazz song he’s ever heard and every

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The Scarlett Ibis School of Parenting

Tami still hadn’t taken a step at 24 months. Because her mother carried her everywhere? Because her mother “enabled” Tami in her “addiction” to being enveloped in her mother’s arms? “How will she learn to walk if you just carry her everywhere?” helpful strangers suggested. “Put the baby down and

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Fault Lines

Blaming gives me great comfort. If Mickey Owen hadn’t dropped the third strike in the fourth game of the 1941 World Series… If I had bought AOL in 1992… If I had sold AOL in 2000… If Lee Harvey Oswald hadn’t shot JFK in 1963… And those Hatfields and McCoys.

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

I’m at my wit’s end about my son. I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it’s gotten. He’s 17 now, but I’ve been having trouble with Andres since the day he turned two years old. He just won’t do anything I tell him, even the simplest little suggestions,

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How many times have I told him to just have a Milky Way Bar? Just one lousy candy bar. It’s not like I’m asking for the world. Why won’t my son just have some chocolate? Yes, it’s something of an emotionally laden issue for me. I admit it. See, my

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