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The Enemy

My dad was born in Philadelphia in 1924. At home. Hospitals for delivering babies were a new concept and didn’t cater to poor families of new immigrants. When my dad was a few months shy of his sixth birthday, his father–after whom I am named–was murdered. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I…Read the full article


A student is caught texting during an exam, a clear violation of the honor code at her high school. The teacher looks at the student’s phone. Who is on the other side of the conversation? Who is supplying the answers to the test? Another ethically challenged student? No. The answers are coming from mom. At…Read the full article

The Dollar Auction

“The Dollar Auction game: a paradox in noncooperative behavior and escalation” was published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in March of 1971. Martin Shubik is the author. Here’s how it works: The auctioneer says, “I’m going to give a dollar to the highest bidder, just like a regular auction. The only difference is that…Read the full article

Dumb or Easy Versus Smart or Tough

My students, when telling me about classes in which they’ve done well, frequently say, “But that class was easy.” Interestingly, more young women than young men suggest that they’ve done well academically only because their classes weren’t that challenging. I don’t think these 11th grade girls are being falsely modest. I think they have internalized…Read the full article