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Now and Then

Toward the end of the Pleistocene I was a college student. At one point during this epoch, a person of the female persuasion condescended to have dinner and see a movie with me. If memory serves, such an arrangement was called a “date.” (cf. “icebox,” “horseless carriage,” and “civility.”) At the agreed-upon hour, I presented…Read the full article

Rosalind Franklin

No course on biology would be complete without devoting several lectures to the contributions of Rosalind Franklin. Her impact on the discovery of the double helix is the stuff of legend. Had she lived, it is likely that Franklin would have shared the Nobel Prize in Biology with Francis Crick, James Watson and Maurice Wilkins. Since…Read the full article

Eight-Year-Old World

Having run out of eight-year-olds with whom we have DNA in common, we took the next logical step of importing eight-year-olds belonging to other folks. Our usual kids are grown and gone. So borrowing an eight-year-old or two seemed a reasonable step. Said eight-year-olds apparently belong to friends of my wife. Good to know. Here…Read the full article


One of my running buddies also has the pleasure of living with a precocious seven-year-old. Liam is articulate, innovative, and unapologetic about his disdain for addition. Specifically, Liam does not care for addition worksheets. He does not like pages of problems like 89 + 27. Last year he did not enjoy pages of problems including…Read the full article

Same Data, Wrong Conclusions

A buddy of mine describes two situations with his adolescent daughters. 1) Parties I walk in to social events with my girls. I don’t leave until I make sure that the get-togethers are properly supervised. If the parents aren’t home, my girls and I get back in the car. My daughters are embarrassed. They would…Read the full article

The 2000-year-old Man

Rob Reiner and Mel Brooks are at a party in the 50s. They are doing schtick. They are always doing schtick. Rob and Mel would fit in with my running group. Except that they are actually funny. Apropos of nothing Rob Reiner starts asking questions. Mel Brooks responds as the 2000-year-old man. Like the universe…Read the full article


How does he know he’s gay? He never dated any girls in high school.  Hmm.  Maybe the reason he never dated any girls in high school is because he’s gay. Imagine spending your whole life pretending to be that which you are not. It’s the same for cognitive ability. Envision being bludgeoned with “he’s so…Read the full article