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Between “Kind Hearts and Coronets”, arguably the best film ever made, and “Star Wars”, the one with the most Wookies, Alec Guinness won an Oscar in 1957 for best actor in “Bridge Over the River Kwai”. As the commander of his fellow allied prisoners, Colonel Nicholson is tasked with erecting a structure that will support…Read the full article

Safety in Silence

Disgruntled ex-lovers can now post inappropriate pictures of a previous inamorata on a number of websites designed specifically for this unpleasant purpose. In a world where a photo of your daughter in the nude or worse could be seen by anyone with a computer, it comes as no surprise that parents feel out of control….Read the full article


I’m not usually one to complain, but when a hotel advertises hot and cold running champagne, you don’t expect the Jacuzzi to run out of Dom Perignon so quickly. Not to mention that I specifically asked for imported cucumbers to be placed on my eyes at the spa so you can imagine my disappointment when…Read the full article

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

What no one acknowledges-parents, teachers, administrators, elected officials-is what every high school student already knows. The great unspoken, tacit agreement throughout our culture in general and our schools in particular, is that every student can learn every subject at the same level of proficiency. The reality is that in our great land of opportunity, all…Read the full article


Which small colleges in the Pacific Northwest have a competitive women’s varsity volleyball team and a strong musical theater department? Which Midwestern universities have support for students with learning differences and good Greek life? Which colleges have the best four-year and six-year graduation rates? Which colleges have the highest percentage of alumni contributions? Which liberal…Read the full article