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Which small colleges in the Pacific Northwest have a competitive women’s varsity volleyball team and a strong musical theater department? Which Midwestern universities have support for students with learning differences and good Greek life? Which colleges have the best four-year and six-year graduation rates? Which colleges have the highest percentage of alumni contributions? Which liberal…Read the full article

Thanks for the Twenty

I appreciate your patience in allowing these seemingly disparate vignettes to be woven into a workable, if not perfectly seamless, tapestry. Part 1) The Young Realtor Realtors who view their clients and their work as an unrelenting series of losses punctuated by rare big hits are unlikely to be satisfied or successful. Young Realtor: Are…Read the full article

If a Heron Falls in a Forest

Adrienne is playing cards with his cousin, Melanie. Melanie’s mom watches as the children play, occasionally, pointing to a card in her daughter’s hand, giving advice, or suggesting a play. As the game progresses, Melanie’s mom becomes more involved, more insistent. Ignoring the other adults at the family gathering, she makes constant recommendations and hurls…Read the full article

You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here?

So there’s this married guy on this secluded beach. And there’s this attractive, young woman–not his wife–sitting behind him on a blanket rubbing coconut scented suntan oil into his back. He’s talking to her about how much he loves his wife and how great their two young children are. She’s talking to him about how…Read the full article