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Say Cheese

A buddy of mine measures his success by the number of his employees who have become millionaires. Can you imagine? He’s not bragging. He’s not taking credit. He’s just an accomplished businessman who gets joy knowing how many of his current or previous employees have a million dollars. I don’t know much about business. Indeed,…Read the full article

Opportunity Knocked

As regular readers of this column will acknowledge, I thrive on being read, on getting my message out there. I appreciate every response to my weekly columns. Conversation, even controversy, is what this community of writers and readers is all about. I welcome and enjoy your reactions. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with erudite…Read the full article


1) How does John know he’s gay? He didn’t date any girls in high school. Maybe the REASON he didn’t date any girls in high school is BECAUSE he’s gay. JOHN knows he’s gay. All his friends know he’s gay. His parents are the only one who somehow didn’t notice. 2) A kid falls off…Read the full article

Support for FGN

Your relationship with your child is the smallest unit of community. Your relationship with your child is the smallest building block of culture. Your relationship with your child is what defines your family. Home may be the place where, “when you have to go there, they have to take you in,” but family is the…Read the full article


My child hit all developmental milestones-sitting up, crawling, walking, talking-significantly ahead of his peers. My child enrolled at a competitive pre-school. My child got all As in advanced classes at his highly-rated high school. My child attended a college that rejects more than 90% of its applicants. My child was admitted to a medical school…Read the full article

Footsie Pajamas

Throughout evolutionary history, to a first approximation, everybody was seriously starving. Potiphar may have had access to seven silos of grain, but your average John Q. Egyptian didn’t feel completely comfortable about where his next meal was coming from–what with Ray Kroc some five thousand years off. In the generations before the cultivation of what…Read the full article

Goodnight Moon

Here’s what’s wrong with all those “tough love,” “timeout,” “logical consequences,” “spare the rod and spoil the child” versions of parenting. The problem is that, if properly applied, they work as advertised. Be careful what you wish for. Skinnerian, punitive, behavioral ideas about how to bully your child into submission will indeed force your child…Read the full article