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Letting Go

Look, if there was any chance that you actually could effect positive change by micromanaging your child, then I wouldn’t say a word against your way of doing things. Honest.  If, by swooping in, you could help your daughter in any way, I’d give you the thumbs up and leave you alone. I’d ignore that…Read the full article

Night Sacrifice

By the time I met Louise 20 years ago, her children were grown and gone, but I got to know her pretty well toward the end of her life. We agreed that it was tough to grow vegetables in the rocky soil of our neighborhood. We agreed that folks drove too fast down our suburban…Read the full article

Teacher’s Lament

Teachers from across the country appeared to me last night in a dream. With one voice they spoke: “Here’s why teachers feel that we can’t tell parents the truth about their children.” “Because the parents aren’t nice to us never mind respectful.They treat us like coke machines. When they see us at Publix on a…Read the full article

Achievement and Contentment

A loving mother joined our running group a year ago. Alexa only wants what is best for her children, aged three, five, and seven. “My oldest is brilliant and accomplished,” she began as we headed out into the early morning mist. “He excels at everything.” The older members of our group nodded in unison like…Read the full article

The Idiot-athon

Of all the gloriously exuberant excesses of the “Idiot-athon”, surely the shuttle run was the silliest and the most fun. After running 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards out picking up and putting down blocks of wood, competitors were required to remove a plastic bone-the femur if memory serves-in the game of “Operation.” Touching…Read the full article


Before Matthew Broderick was Ferris Bueller and Ally Sheedy was the weird girl in “Breakfast Club,” the kids starred in “War Games,” an uplifting film about global thermonuclear war and the end of all life on the planet, that sort of thing. Spoiler alert: the world does not come to a fiery end in the…Read the full article

Teachable Decade

Dumb questions used to make me want to climb up a tower and hurl dry erase markers at random folks walking below. “I. Just. Went. Over. That.” I would sputter through clenched teeth. “Cosecant is the reciprocal of sine; cosecant is not a punk rock group.” Remember the man teaching the horse to eat less…Read the full article

Shh! I’m Hunting Wabbits.

Scholars disagree about the number of books in the Library at Alexandria when it was destroyed some 2300 years ago last Thursday. Estimates range from 40,000 to 400,000 volumes. Even using the larger guess, an approximation of the sum total of accrued information available to the most learned academicians of antiquity is equivalent to the…Read the full article