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If a Heron Falls in a Forest

Adrienne is playing cards with his cousin, Melanie. Melanie’s mom watches as the children play, occasionally, pointing to a card in her daughter’s hand, giving advice, or suggesting a play. As the game progresses, Melanie’s mom becomes more involved, more insistent. Ignoring the other adults at the family gathering, she makes constant recommendations and hurls…Read the full article

You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here?

So there’s this married guy on this secluded beach. And there’s this attractive, young woman–not his wife–sitting behind him on a blanket rubbing coconut scented suntan oil into his back. He’s talking to her about how much he loves his wife and how great their two young children are. She’s talking to him about how…Read the full article

What I Like About You

“What year were you married? What year was the baby born?” “We were married in 1987, Abuela. Jacob was born in 1991.” MariaPaula’s grandmother had started to show signs of mild dementia something over a year before and had recently moved in with her only granddaughter. As grandmother’s cognitive abilities continued to slide, she asked…Read the full article

There are Worse Things than A Wrong Number at Three O’Clock in the Morning

It’s hard to imagine how he did it, but in order to avoid burdening his family with difficult end of life decisions that would have ensued from his prolonged illness, my good friend Dan Scharfman died last night. As his undergraduate room mate and friend of 35 years put it, “A gentleman to the end.”…Read the full article

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Much is made of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Ten thousand hours,” the thoughtful insight that to achieve proficiency, the equivalent of five years of full time work is a necessary condition–if not a sufficient one. The Beatles played clubs in Hambourg for ten thousand hours before appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show; Steve Jobs futzed around with…Read the full article