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I Read the News Today

Should your adolescent children be encouraged to watch the news on television? Before reminding me that “an informed populace is the hallmark of a strong democracy” think about what you, an adult, get from televised news. Do you acquire information unobtainable elsewhere? Do you learn what is going on in your local community and across…Read the full article

The Harry Harlow School of Parenting

Old School: Take your kids to the market to buy brownie mix. Consider whether the 15-ounce package for two dollars is a better value than the 30-ounce package for $3.59. Politely greet the cashier in the checkout line and introduce your child. Emphasize addressing the cashier as “Miss.” Demonstrate that all jobs, especially menial ones,…Read the full article

If a Heron Falls in a Forest

Adrienne is playing cards with his cousin, Melanie. Melanie’s mom watches as the children play, occasionally, pointing to a card in her daughter’s hand, giving advice, or suggesting a play. As the game progresses, Melanie’s mom becomes more involved, more insistent. Ignoring the other adults at the family gathering, she makes constant recommendations and hurls…Read the full article