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Category: Learning Differences

Take Them at Their Word

“The play begins at two o’clock,” I told my literature class. “This information is so important that I have included it on this quiz that I am about to hand out.” Thirty students nodded their heads appreciatively. “The first question on the quiz is, ‘What time does the play start?’

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The Ballad of John and Yoko

My buddy, Pete, can play any song he’s ever heard. We call him the human juke box. From “Little Old Lady from Passadena” to “Lady Madonna,” from “Maybelline” to “Layla,” he knows them all. And not just 60s songs either. He knows every jazz song he’s ever heard and every

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Good Students

Good students are such a joy. I still remember my good students from the Carter Administration. Seriously. (Seriously I remember my good students. I’m not certain they were involved in policy making decisions in the late 70s.) Bright, eager, articulate, pleasant. They did homework, scored well on evaluations, contributed to

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The Scarlett Ibis School of Parenting

Tami still hadn’t taken a step at 24 months. Because her mother carried her everywhere? Because her mother “enabled” Tami in her “addiction” to being enveloped in her mother’s arms? “How will she learn to walk if you just carry her everywhere?” helpful strangers suggested. “Put the baby down and

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How many times have I told him to just have a Milky Way Bar? Just one lousy candy bar. It’s not like I’m asking for the world. Why won’t my son just have some chocolate? Yes, it’s something of an emotionally laden issue for me. I admit it. See, my

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“P” is for Parsimonious Perspicacious Panda-monium

Consider Tony looking at the “p” that his kindergarten teacher has gracefully written on the whiteboard. “Panda,” she says; “Papa.” As the other children look and listen appreciatively, Tony sees the “P” shift and transform. The “p” becomes a “b.” Wait a minute: Is that a “p” or a “b”?

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How to Study

I have a Spanish test tomorrow, 20 vocabulary words, no problem, it won’t take an hour, I’ll just sit down and memorize the words. I know what the words are that I need to study, the words are in my Spanish book. What page? What page in my Spanish book

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Helga and the Missing Umlaut

One of my favorite students came to me late in her senior year for some guidance about her admissions essays for college. We had a productive chat. We talked about “show don’t tell” and about “hidden agenda.” I advised her to make her personal statement, well, personal, and to avoid

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