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One of my running buddies also has the pleasure of living with a precocious seven-year-old. Liam is articulate, innovative, and unapologetic about his disdain for addition. Specifically, Liam does not care for addition worksheets. He does not like pages of problems like 89 + 27. Last year he did not enjoy pages of problems including…Read the full article


How does he know he’s gay? He never dated any girls in high school.  Hmm.  Maybe the reason he never dated any girls in high school is because he’s gay. Imagine spending your whole life pretending to be that which you are not. It’s the same for cognitive ability. Envision being bludgeoned with “he’s so…Read the full article

“Good Morning!” “Hey, Stupid!” “I Love You!”

Any communication can be misinterpreted. Even the simplest of greetings can be processed in multiple ways. “Good morning” can be non-committal, inviting, or threatening. “Good morning” can be heard as an invitation to conversation or as a dismissive end to one. For an example of the contemptuous salutation look no further than an 18th century…Read the full article

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

What no one acknowledges-parents, teachers, administrators, elected officials-is what every high school student already knows. The great unspoken, tacit agreement throughout our culture in general and our schools in particular, is that every student can learn every subject at the same level of proficiency. The reality is that in our great land of opportunity, all…Read the full article