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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Applicants to medical school are aware of two deadlines. For the purposes of this column we’ll call these deadlines “the early deadline” and “the late deadline.” Indeed, all information that follows is “truthful” if not “factual.” (You have a busy day, gentle reader, and I certainly have better things to do than to complete any…Read the full article

What a Baby!

The old joke, equal parts sexist and offensive goes something like this: “My wife fantasizes about two men.” “Your wife fantasizes about two men?” “Yes. One to cook, one to clean.” The reality of course is that few women have two men with whom to kanoodle never mind two men who are doing housework. Real…Read the full article

The Write Affirmations

One of my most emphatic critics asked a pointed question: “You write about the same thing week after week,” he said. “Go camping with your kids; don’t take drugs with your kids.” “Maybe my columns are affirmations,” I replied. “Like AA meetings, going to the gym, or flossing.” “Not sure how many adults need reminders…Read the full article

When Will They Ever Learn?

An accomplished professor of art history teaches an introductory undergraduate course. He has recently published his third scholarly article on Byzantine architecture. His textbook on the subject is ahead of schedule. Yet he spends the majority of his 50-minute lecture brutalizing his students about their poor exam results. “How are you still unable to articulate…Read the full article

Love, Baseball, Medicine

“You can’t hurry love” suggested Diana Ross. Swiping left notwithstanding, long-term, committed relationships take time to evolve. Love at first sight may be a thing, but a conversation about family finances at some point wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re hoping for love at second and even third sight. “It’s not pre-marital sex if you…Read the full article

Generation Gap

I have written—incessantly it could be argued—about violent video games. I have been “agin it” long before active shooters became as commonplace as French fries. I have mentioned the adult couple whose child starved to death while her parents played. I have pontificated about kids who underperform in school because they play Blood, Blood, Blood,…Read the full article

Dress Code

One of my running buddies has a 16-year-old daughter, a lovely young woman. Not surprisingly, Andrea has become as articulate as she is opinionated. While she has adopted many of her father’s beliefs, they disagree about a fundamental issue—appropriate attire.   Andrea feels strongly that she should wear whatever she wants. “It’s incumbent”—I told you…Read the full article