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Best Game

When you are scheduled to meet a client, you take a shower and make sure your shirt is ironed. When both you and the client speak at once, you make sure you are the one to say, “I beg your pardon; go ahead” or “I’m sorry to interrupt. What were

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Attitude of Gratitude

Competent, ethical college admissions counselors wear any number of hats including but not limited to the following: Coach Chapeau: “C’mon, you! Three more essays! You can DO this! Let’s go!” Mortician Millinery: “I’m sorry your dream of attending North Cornstalk State has passed away…” Balloon Popper Bowler: “No, that your

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Objects at Rest

Whether or not Isaac Newton ever met your Aunt Millie from Topeka is an open question to be debated by historical scholars with more sophisticated research tools than those available to this poor author. Newton was born in 1643. Wasn’t that the year in which your mom’s sister was graduated

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I Just Don’t Get It

Maybe you can help, gentle readers, with the following folks and their very real problems: 1) Why can’t my wife be more understanding? Sure, I have extra-marital affairs. I travel a lot. I have a few different women I see in each city I visit. What does that have to

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Could It Be This Simple?

One of my running buddies has had the unmitigated temerity to suggest that my parenting philosophy can be summed up in the simplistic phrase, “Take your kids camping.” So I feel it is high time to amend my advice-honed over 30 years of counseling families-by adding another phrase: “Take your kids

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Meet the New Scam

Remember that kid who invented all those brilliant ways to cheat in high school? Even before electronic communications, he was making crib sheets in ingenious ways. Writing information on his sleeve, hiding notes in his sneakers, there was nothing he wouldn’t do. Except study, of course. Parents today have stolen

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Bear With Me

In June of 1973, eight of my Troop 64 buddies and I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail in Western North Carolina for a week. Although the exact locations and distances of this trek are lost to memory, it is no exaggeration to say that the last words we

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Mine, Mine, Mine!

You know the guy I’m talking about. If you have ever driven a car in Miami, you have seen this guy repeatedly. He is swerving in and out of traffic, changing lanes without using his turn signal. On a given day, rather than wait, he will abandon the main arteries,

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What is a Diver’s Dream?

I am determined to seduce and marry Veronica Lake. Hear me out. She is beautiful, a movie star, and has a lot of money. I just know our lives together will be exquisite. Admittedly, she doesn’t know I’m alive nor is she aware of my undying passion or my plan

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