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Go, Now.

Remember how in The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of Douglas Adams’s characters is responsible for summarizing the planet earth? In as few words as possible? Because the encyclopedia for which he writes has limited space? Space is at a premium because there are well over a billion stars in our galaxy. A…Read the full article

Life Test

Life is an exam. Failure is not an option. There is only one score card. Before elucidating the scoring system, here is a paragraph about myself: I live on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. My 2.3 children go to Cornell and Princeton respectively. My wife is an attorney who…Read the full article

Say it Ain’t So

There is no debate over which year was the Greatest Year in the hundred year history of baseball.* You might think that there would be discussion among barflies, tailgaters, and fans from different cities across the country. You might expect a spirited conversation with reasoned arguments, endless statistics and salty language. You might imagine that…Read the full article

No Emotional ROI

“Why do you want to go to college?” “To get a job.” This conversation, of which I’ve been a part well over a thousand times with my college counseling clients, is exactly backward. Indeed, the reason to go to college, the only reason to go to college, has always been because–wait for it–you don’t need…Read the full article

From Patrick O’Connor of the Roeper School

The Following Article is from my colleague, Patrick O’Connor at the Roper School: The Best Advice When Colleges Say No School counselors know the real March Madness begins next week, when some of the nation’s most selective colleges release their admissions decisions. As a pre-game warm-up, let’s stick with the facts we’ll need to comfort…Read the full article


A student is caught texting during an exam, a clear violation of the honor code at her high school. The teacher looks at the student’s phone. Who is on the other side of the conversation? Who is supplying the answers to the test? Another ethically challenged student? No. The answers are coming from mom. At…Read the full article