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The Dog in the Fight

The temperature in the high 80s with 100% humidity at mile 20 of a recent marathon, my friend Daniel glanced down as we stumbled by a line of broken, twitching bodies writhing on the side of the road, runners unable to continue. We weren’t in significantly better shape ourselves–pasty, salty

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Which small colleges in the Pacific Northwest have a competitive women’s varsity volleyball team and a strong musical theater department? Which Midwestern universities have support for students with learning differences and good Greek life? Which colleges have the best four-year and six-year graduation rates? Which colleges have the highest percentage

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Same Life, Different Day

“Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.”* Norma is lovely. My wife and Norma have been friends since college. Norma went on to law school some thirty years ago and was subsequently appointed to the federal bench by Bill Clinton. My

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Did I Say that Out Loud?

April showers will bring college admissions decisions this week and although “fat envelopes”-filled with roommate selection, immunization and myriad other forms-have been replaced by lengthy emails with links, the elation and sadness remain constant across generations. Thin envelopes still represent “we had too many qualified applicants.” Fat envelopes remain the

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Tenth Grade Math

One of my running buddies is, by any objective measure, absurdly successful. He is blissfully happy in his personal life with a supportive, accomplished, well-spoken wife. They are that rare couple who met young, fell hopelessly in love, have been happily married forever, and now have three adolescent children whom

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Pow! Smack! Oof!

Envision vicious combatants locked in a zero-sum game in which only a small number can survive and only one can triumph. Imagine the contestants scratching, clawing, and punching one another for any and every competitive advantage. “Omni contra omni” wrote Hobbs. “All against all.” No quarter asked or given. Winner

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Me! Me! Me! Now! Now! Now!

I want a wife who works, who works out, who takes care of the kids, takes care of herself, takes care of me. I want her to be creative at work and creative in bed. I want her to be a tireless helpmate, to understand herself, her husband, and our

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The End of Expensive College?

When Harvard University denied Warren Buffet’s candidacy for admission, the university smiled on two out of three applicants. Today, Harvard admits two applicants out of 33, around six percent. “Competitive” as admissions may be at some schools, there is a growing sense in our culture that attending college is no

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