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Everyone is a Winner

On the most recent edition of the Grammys, one of the speakers made a heartfelt acceptance speech. She mentioned her disadvantaged background. She talked about how hard she had worked and how grateful she was for her success, her award, and her adulation. Both the speaker and the audience were emotional. It was a moving…Read the full article

Stupid Is

Why do adolescents acquiesce to suggestions from their dumb-ass peers? Why will they do pretty much anything that their ignoramus classmates recommend and almost nothing that their more erudite parents suggest? In short, why are adolescents–there’s no way to put this politely–so staggeringly stupid? Don’t misunderstand: I know stupid. Stupid and I are intimately well…Read the full article


Don’t misunderstand. I am in favor of information. When I am in a canoe on a river, for example, I like to be informed as to whether or not there is a dangerous waterfall up ahead. “Hey, you there in the canoe! There’s a dangerous waterfall up ahead!” The information in this communication is doubtless…Read the full article

Opposites Attack

The opposite of red is not blue. The opposite of dog is not cat. The opposite of Dartmouth is not Colby. And the opposite of hyper-controlling authoritarian parents is not bourgeois-decadent, spoiled rotten, out of control, snotty-nosed, non-compliant kids who expect to make a lot of money in their first job out of college but…Read the full article


“Cui Bono?” means “who benefits?” Before giving advice consider whose interests are being served. Especially when talking to 20-somethings. Try to determine if the listener is going to benefit from your guidance. As always, consideration of time, place, and occasion are useful guides. Lastly, make every effort to consider whether or not the listener gives…Read the full article

Second. Best.

Having not won a gold medal in the Olympic marathon for four years, of course Abebe Bikila triumphantly crossed the finish line first in Tokyo in 1964. Bikila beat Basil Heatley (of whom more later) by just over four minutes. Winning an Olympic marathon by over four minutes is likely unprecedented–although I am much too…Read the full article


I wasn’t there, but it is my understanding that Paul Simon performed in front of about half a million people in Central Park not so many years ago. I also wasn’t invited to any of the recording sessions for “The Sounds of Silence” or “Still Crazy after All these Years,” but it is well accepted…Read the full article

What’s Love Got to Do with it?

Two people napping in adjacent seats on an airplane are not “sleeping together.” Nor does having given birth to a child define you as an adequate parent. “Staying awake together” and having kids is complicated. Babies know precisely what they want and articulate that information in a straight-forward, shrieking manner. Parents know how they want their kids…Read the full article


Growing up I frequently spent the night at my best friend’s house. Andy and I were friends at the elementary school, were both besotted with the Gemini missions, liked tossing the football. Although neither of us had any notable athletic prowess, the lazy South Florida afternoons melted away pleasantly enough. Probably the worst thing we…Read the full article